May 07, 2012

Son, Lisa
[PSYC BC1113] Cognitive Psych

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This class was pretty much miserable. I'm a psych major, and generally enjoy the psych classes that I take. It's one of 2 options that psych majors have to take (either this or Learning) to satisfy the requirement, and from what I've heard, neither is fantastic. The lectures were boring and the textbook was essentially useless.

The lectures were PowerPoints that she posted at the beginning of each class. We never got through an entire PowerPoint, so notes tend to be all over the place between lectures when she reposts slides at the beginning of the next lecture. Additionally, her tests are tricky and confusing (the average is about a 70 - she curves it to a B+, though).

When people asked questions, Professor Son either gave confusing answers or didn't seem to know the answer (or argued with the entire class that her answer was right, when it wasn't). It might just have been that she was having a tough semester, but the material was basically just intro all over again with harder tests.


3 exams (she drops the lowest grade), cumulative final. Moderate reading, but the exams require a lot of studying.