May 11, 2012

Metcalfe, Janet
[PSYC G4270] Cognitive Processes Seminar

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Oh Janet Janet Janet, how strange and disappointing your class was. The subject area: origins of self-reflective consciousness, had so much potential, but it was immediately evident from the first few classes that Janet Metcalfe cared very little, if at all, about this class that she taught.

Instead of doing any guidance herself, she assigned very vague topics for presentations every week and had the students pair up to make the presentations and select the readings for that week. She did not do the readings, never gave us feedback about our presentations, was always away. Basically, she literally had no role in the class other than to assign us a grade at the end. The discussions were only interesting due to the other students in the class, not to any knowledge she cared to share.

Moreover, I realized throughout the course that she exhibited an incredible bias towards psychology majors who have done research with other psych professors. Name dropping was especially pleasing to her, as was the random allusions to obscure concepts. Also, quoting from another culpa review: "self-awareness goes a long way, folks. If your anecdote has no other purpose than to drop an obscure psych term only tangentially related to the material, maybe consider saving it for the diary, mm?"

What is the most damning characteristic about her though, is that she ONLY cares about her research. She doesn't care if we are interested in other areas besides her area of research and discourage it. She recommends using her rough drafts of papers for our presentations so that we can give her feedback on how to make it better and email her about grammatical mistakes. I'm sorry, is this a copy editing class???? She says that our final papers should be "publication quality", probably so that she can rip off them for her upcoming pubs.

She also doesn't actually grade anything... and really just gives good grades to those kids that she "liked" from the outset. I am saying this, having made an A in the class.

In conclusion, a very disappointing, uninteresting, unprofessional professor. Don't take this class.


Not bad, but a waste of time.