November 22, 2012

Weber, Caroline Silver_nugget
[FREN W3670] Dada and Surrealism

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Weber is a fountain of knowledge on French literature and history. Her long-winded, spirited, and detailed explanations demonstrate her passion and intelligence, and she also conveys information clearly and is unfailingly engaging. Her sense of humor is self-deprecating, she has a strong European flair, and she is DEFINITELY not one of those boring professors--she is a character, a social performer, and she has a lot of personality, demonstrated through her avant-garde or trendy attire and funny anecdotes alike. Professor Weber can sometimes be short or snappy with students for a moment or two, but this is just part of her personality--she has a bit of a bite. I thought that made her more interesting and complex, but you may not agree. Furthermore, Professor Weber makes up for moments of impatience with copious amounts of affection doled out in a faux lofty tone of voice. "Ma chère Julie!" Generally pleasant.

Tests require either extremely pointed and concise answers or a motorized pen: you'll write a lot. There are review sessions for big exams, which are helpful. Though there is some pure regurgitation of information required on tests, you'll undoubtedly learn a lot in her classes, and in classes like Surrealism, so much of the material--visual and written works--will be relevant to today, at museums and cocktail parties, in pop culture.

If you are a person who must take notes in order to recall anything mentioned in class, you won't stop writing for a second. The same information is often repeated and gone over again throughout the semester, which is helpful, and the same themes are revisited and applied to different works. This repetition and active synthesis leads to true learning. Students leave with a fluency in the material.

Professor Weber is thoughtful. She listens to what students say and responds encouragingly, more so than most professors. This usually leads to a lot of raised hands and an enthusiastic general atmosphere. Professor Weber seems to have a knack for presenting interesting and relevant information in a clear and direct way. She knows it inside-out, that's for sure.


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