December 17, 2012

Patterson, Julie Silver_nugget
BC 1101 Statistics

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This is my favorite professor at Barnard by far. It is so clear that she genuinely wants her students to do well and she works hard to help her students achieve their goals. She is ALWAYS available through email (even during the hurricane this year!) and answers very promptly.

Though statistics can be boring to many, she makes it as interesting as possible and really tries to connect it to psychological concepts often. She publishes her powerpoint slides after class, the homework keys after their due dates, and helpful outlines for notes before class. It is super helpful to print out the notes so you can follow along better.

Her tests are open note and very fair, so as long as you go to class, organize your notes, and understand them before the test, no memorization is necessary and you will do well. The homework is not hard and you have time to do it and ask questions about it during lab. Lab usually ends in less than a half hour and then you can choose to stay and finish the homework or leave and do it later.

Professor Patterson (students often call her Julie) is super approachable, fun to talk to, and really just wants to see students succeed. Take her class!


2 open note exams, 1 take home final, 10-11 homework assignments. Very light, I worked less than 2 hours per week for this class.