January 08, 2013

Franze, Federica Silver_nugget
Advanced Italian

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Federica is clever, funny, kind and maybe most importantly very reasonable in her expectations. This class is by no means easy, but is very enjoyable and worthwhile in its challenge. The syllabus is well organized and allows for much leeway depending on the actual class' ability and whether things are on course or not. In her advanced Italian course she challenged us each individually to become better writers of the language. We learned how to write in different voices, and read many different examples from journalism to poetry to recipes. I never felt like she asked for too much of us, she was always reasonable, but she always pushed us for improvement and asked for more when it came to the quality of our work. Federica is a challenging professor, but in the good way that you won't regret, so if her course fits your schedule take it, you will do well if you put in the effort. You can be sure that you will improve in the language and you will have someone supportive and understanding to help you do so. I'd give her a very high recommendation. Columbia needs more language teachers like this! She also cracks jokes all the time. Sometimes they are funny. :P


An essay every other week staggered with rewrites of previous essays to improve voice, technique, grammar and quality of content. A midterm and final which are both based off of reading comprehension and a small oral presentation on a topic of your choice, many people did books and movies.