May 03, 2013

Albert, David
[PHIL V3576] Physics and Philosophy

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This course does not have any pre-requisites, which it desperately needs. Professor Albert teaches as though the whole room has already taken linear algebra and basic quantum mechanics, and only 5 people really seem to understand consistently what's going on in the class. The lack of syllabus and sporatic readings make it very difficult to prepare for the class (short of reading his whole book, which is really just a typed-out version of his lectures). This class would be greatly improved if there were pre-requisites, or if Professor Albert spent the first three weeks, instead of jumping into the linear algebra and quantum mechanics, teaching linear algebra.

This is not a class for run-of-the-mill philosophy students--it's for science majors and astrophysicists.


Virtually none, except in the first few weeks there are two short homeworks that make no sense and everyone gets help. The midterm is a regurgitation of the homeworks, but, because everyone got help/googled/begged someone to do the hw for them, 1/3 of the class got between a 15-20/20, 1/3 of the class got between 10-15, and the last THIRD of the class got below a 10.