November 06, 2013

Balsam, Peter
[PSYC BC1105] Psychology of Learning (w/ or w/o lab)

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I don't know why everyone says he's so horrible. these reviews scared off way too many people and deserve to be changed. Professor Balsam may not be the most interesting lecturer, but he's far from horrible. He makes jokes and shows video clips and tries to engage the class more so than most professors. the material isn't hard either and neither are the exams - if you've ever taken a psych class before you should understand exactly how to study for one. Definitely take notes in class but reading the book is not necessary until before an exam - and even then you only have to read the book to answer the questions he posts after each lecture. study the answers to these questions and the tests should be a piece of cake.


2 midterms (non-cumulative) and a final. all very manageable and straightforward - just answer the questions he posts and take notes in class.