January 09, 2014

Lewis, Karen
[PHIL BC1001] Introduction to Philosophy

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Course covered a lot of material like the last post says but was rushed. It would have been better to focus on one reading a class instead of two or three. The papers are manageable and you do not need to go to class or take notes to do well on them. They focus mainly on your opinion and an analysis of the reading. Some of the TAs were very picky graders. For example, my one paper he wrote that the organization did not work well and I received a B-; then on the next, which he also graded he wrote "you did a good job" and I received a B... That does not really make sense if he thought one was terrible and the other good.

The teaching was annoying. Prof. Lewis is nice enough but it wasn't particularly interesting and I had a hard time paying attention. I personally hated her voice, she constantly stresses almost every other syllable (you'll see what I mean if you have her).

The polling system was really frustrating too because it was finicky and asked very random questions from the reading. Even though I went to every class and mostly read all the readings, I only received half the points. I did end up doing well in the class so that's good but I will not be taking any more philosophy.


3 Papers, Polling System Questions/Participation, 1 Project, Optional Weekly Assignments