July 07, 2002

Frank, Claudine
Les Intellectuels

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Prof. Frank is one of the best professors you'll ever have- IF you take one of her upper level classes. Everyone I know who's taken a language class from her said it was a nightmare (see other reviews) but the French lit class I took from her was spectacular. She knows EVERYTHING about the history of French thought. She's very enthusiastic about the material and she makes it really interesting. She's incredibly brilliant and encourages students to really grapple with the texts. She actually encourages students who have trouble with the material in French to read it in English which keeps the level of discussion at a higher level since there are no comprehension issues. She also changes the syllabus as the class progresses to best fit the interests of the particular group of students in the class and ensure that all the material covered gets enough attention. The readings are fantastic- interesting, challenging, etc. I reccommend this class to anyone with any interest in philosophy, literature, French history, or who's just looking for a kick-ass professor. As the other reviewers mentioned, prof. Frank is a VERY lenient grader. If you show an interest in the material, hand some stuff in sometimes and participate in class discussions you'll get an A.


You actually have to do all the reading (and there's LOTS of it) but it's so interesting that you'll want to. A short paper or presentation due every week, but you can pretty well get an indefinite extension any time you don't feel like doing the work. Take home final.