May 04, 2014

Paul, Elliot Silver_nugget
[PHIL BC1001] Introduction to Philosophy

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Elliot Paul rocks!! He is such a sweet professor and a really interesting lecturer- especially when he makes his unexpected but hilarious modern music references (ex. you know JayZ says the same thing in his song No Church in the Wild). For this class, all you got to do is go to lecture and take notes and study and make sure you know the material! The readings are helpful as well but going to lecture is kinda crucial because some readings are too complicated to understand all by your lonesome. All in all he's awesome and the TA's are always there for you. I really loved this class and recommend that you take it with Paul - he's the best!


2 essays. 1 midterm. 1 final.