May 19, 2014

Graham, Norma
[PSYC W1610] Statistics for Behavioral Scientists

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This is a frustrating class.

The lectures are worthless, unless you're a fan of the absurd. Graham rambles on and on about stats and goes off on compounding tangents until no one knows what got them there. You're better off just following the great textbook. I tried very hard to follow the lectures for the first half of the semester, but ended up just doing problems and reading the text to prepare for exams.

The labs are easy and don't really teach you anything beyond a few basic commands in STATA.

Grades seem arbitrary. She and the TAs are quite cagey about how grades were determined and whether or not a curve was in effect. You got a lot of "the mean score on the exam was ___", but not a lot of explanation about how your grade would be tabulated. Oh and you have to give the exams back once you see your grade. WTF?

All that being said, Norma herself is the sweetest, most supportive professor you could ask for. Just go to her office hours and you will be treated to sage advice and someone who genuinely cares about your story. She takes note, FFS.

She would be a great psych adviser, but holy hell, keep her away from this intro stats class


No real homework. Labs are easily completed in the allotted lab time. 3 midterms are easy if you follow the book. Final was as if she had pulled it from another year: lots of terms and perspectives we had not covered...puzzling.