May 21, 2014

Paul, Elliot Silver_nugget
[PHIL BC1001] Introduction to Philosophy

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

For the field he is in, Prof. Paul deserves a gold nugget. Let me put this in perspective, he is an active contributor to philosophy (just published his I believe second book) yet makes relatively old issues comparable with modern analogies. I'll even go you an example.

"John Locke has a weird way of saying things. He'll be like Freedom, comma, what? It reminds me of Lil Jon."

He's not only a great lecturer but an amazing listener. He gives students numerous opportunities to ask questions and will be able to thoroughly answer any of them.

It is also obvious he is quite brilliant, which I found intimidating at first. However, after going to office hours I discovered him to be genuinely caring and interested in his students' progress in his course. One time, I had signed up for 20 minute slot to meet with him about an essay. It really needed help and so he had discussed it with me for about an hour. I also got an A on the essay so it wasn't like a waste of office hours.

He knows names in his huge lecture classes which is impressive. He's the type of professor you will want to say hi and talk to you when you see him on campus.

For the grading, I would say it is extremely fair. He gives you a study guide that covers about 90% of potential material that is on his tests. If you answer the study guide, you will be able to do well on his tests. The papers were graded by the TAs thoroughly fair as well and they tremendously appreciate thoughtful effort.

All in all, if you want to delve into the realms of philosophy, I would take Intro with Paul. I am pretty sure I'm going to major/minor in this field because of this course.


Midterm (20%)
First Paper (20%)
Final (30%)
Second Paper (30%)