August 26, 2002

Raphaeli-Slivko, Ruth
[MDES W4512] Readings In Hebrew Texts I

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

The best class you will ever take. Everyone must take it if they can. It is like no other class. The structure Prof. Raphaeli creates is amazing. The prof. is the best. She will teach you so much and you will have fun at the same time. You as a class will decide the direction that class my take. When a class says a text is too easy, the next text will change accordingly. If the class decides something is too hard you will recieve an easier text. You will learn so much. Everyone does and everyone enjoys it, even if all at different levels. The Prof really know that everyones learns differently and everyone is at a slightly different level. What might not be an achievement for one person is for another. You will definetly feel great in this class no matter what your experience is as long as you try and you do your part. I looked forward to this class everyday.


About fourty minutes for every class day. Projects make take longer or shorter depending on what you do and your level. Workload all depends on your level- it will never be too much or none at all. I promise you you will enjoy it and the workload will be manageable if you really want to improve your Hebrew.