November 20, 2002

Nastri, Paola Silver_nugget
[V1121] Intensive Elementary Italian I and [V1121] Intensive Elementary Italian

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I must say that I have learned a significant amount of Italian in this class, but it was more in spite of Paola than because of her. She is overcaffienated, literally bouncing off the walls. Her eurotrashy manner is disarming, and even funny, but once you get over lauging at her expressions, her utter lack of English becomes frustruating. I swear, the woman speaks no English, and when she tries, it makes no sense. She can be nitpicky and painfully vague at the same time when it comes to specific test questions. However, Paola is not all bad. She is basically a good hearted person trying to adapt to her role in the classroom. Oh yes, and if you sign up for this class, be prepared to encounter the most obnoxious brown-nosing students ever. I have been at Columbia for three years and never experienced a phenomenon such as this. Aggressive freshmen laugh at every witty remark she makes, sucking up at each and every opportunity. Be additionally wary of the loser graduate students who have decided to pick up Italian late in their academic careers...they desperately vy for the honored title of "animale di casa della professoressa" - teacher's pet. Probably in a few years, Paola Nastri will adapt to teaching here...she just hasn't learned the system


not too hard, just obscene amounts of busywork