December 17, 2002

Olson, Kristina Gold_nugget
[V1101] Elementary Italian I and [V1102] Elementary Italian II

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Having spent three semesters at Columbia, I've suffered insufferable profs, But hands down Olson was the best teacher I had the luck of selecting -- she's so so so understanding, and her LEGIT passion for the language is communicated. I took KO my first semester, and recently passed her on my in a hallway; seeing her again alerted me to the fact she's the only prof I'd ever stop in the hallway to have a conversation with. In fact, Kristina is so much fun I'm sure it'd be a pleasure to spend an hour drinking espresso with her at Pertutti. But for those who can't work their way into her personal schedule, find a way to work into her professional schedule.