January 12, 2003

Terrace, Herbert
[PSYC W1001] Science of Psychology

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

The people who say this class is the equivalent of death need to grow up. It's a nice way to scoot right around that science requirement of the core, without doing any science at all. The class was informative, although presented in slightly dry tones. Professor Terrace's personality and presentations may be slightly dull and dry, but just keep taking notes and you'll realize the material itself is pretty interesting. Showing up to class and taking notes on what he says (not the power points-- you can get those later online) prove to be invaluable come exam time, as you learn his random babblings were actually important.

In taking this class, I discovered a formula that never failed me. Get a laptop and learn to type fast. During his lectures, instead of focusing on how dry the sound of his voice is, just write down everything he says in bullet format, underneath the headings of the corresponding slide he's showing. A week before each test, print up the slides and match each heading with your notes, and study them that way. It's a no-fail, and excellant preparation for each test. Just take notes on the required readings as well, and you are virtually guaranteed an A on every test. I promise.


3 non-cumulative exams-- no final whatsoever. This is invaluable come finals week, when you are already done with psych! A fair amount of reading per class, but it's goes fast. Don't bother with the "suggested" readings. One mini-quiz per week given by a TA who only asks that you relatively know what's going on to earn full credit. An alright course with a great grading system. Take it.