January 20, 2003

Galanter, Eugene
[PSYC W1001] Science of Psychology

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This class was one of the most enjoyable classes I've taken at Columbia. Galanter is old and quirky, true, but he's a great professor. He really knows his stuff, and he loves to share it. He's really opinionated and full of weird facts and stories. His lectures are really entertaining. If you're looking for a teacher that'll know your name and discuss your problems, he's not the one. If you're looking to meet a real individual who has alot to offer if you're open to it, you've struck gold.


A breeze! Attend the lectures (you're guaranteed to learn something new) and scan the readings before the 3 exam. If you're even only slightly intelligent, you'll do fine.