January 22, 2003

Taylor, Kathleen
[PSYC BC1105] Psychology of Learning (w/ or w/o lab)

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Unfortunately, I've had K. Taylor for three different psychology labs over the four years that I've been here and no matter how I try to prepare myself, she scares the shit out of me every time. My best advice to those who might have to take one of her labs is to NEVER make a mistake on ANYTHING, NEVER ask a question, and make sure your lab reports are 100% to APA format and chrystal clear. If you do need to ask a question, no matter what it is, she will look at you like you are dead stupid and answer with a tone of voice that implies disgust at having to help someone so incredibly unintelligent. The previous reviewers were all right - she will take weeks to hand anything back and will email you with details way too late. Just remember that you are on your own in this lab. Don't count on her to explain anything initially, nor to help you out if you have a question.

I do have something good to say about Professor Taylor, though. As sarcastic and condescending as she is in class, if you go talk to her one on one, she will be much nicer.


I hope you're not busy this semester.