March 11, 2003

Taylor, Kathleen
[PSYC BC1105] Psychology of Learning (w/ or w/o lab)

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

DONT DO IT!!!!!!! Professor Taylor has to be one of the meanest strangest most sarcastic patronizing professors I have ever had here. She's in love with the rats, tells strange stories about her children, and then pops in with comments about how when one person dies per day in subway accidents it's God's way of taking care of drunks and children. The workload is atrocious. She never hands anything back on time, so forget having a chance to learn from your mistakes. She lectures forever and reminds you how incompentent you must be and that she'll be kind enough to show you how to do things the right way as she coddles and fondles the rats as they pee all over her and she finds it too cute.

For those people who enjoyed Prof. Taylor, you must share with the rest of us what you were taking during that class. She was supposedly "nicer" when I had her for lab because of the enormous amounts of bad reviews...I can't imagine how horrid she was before. Unfortunately for you psych majors she will probablybe unavoidable...all I must say to you...FIND A WAY OUT. JUST FIND A WAY OUT!!


would you like to be consumed by tedious painful lab reports every week the night before lab for hours on end? THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!!! do you never want to see how you're doing or have any idea as to your porgress...then YES AGAIN THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!! (don't take this lab, just don't do it, she's mean, weird, obnoxious, and disturbing, just don't do it)