April 08, 2003

Somerville, Robert Silver_nugget

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Although I'm currently taking the class, and have therefore not had the full Somerville experience, I felt the duty to review him prior to fall registration. I registered for this class because it fulfills a history major requirement and because I read that Somerville is a God. I must agree, Somerville is AWESOME!!! His lectures are very consise & he is extremely articulate. The class right now is 140+ and in a huge lecture hall, and from the back of the room I can here him perfectly. The class is not a theology class (you're not going to learn about how to worship Jesus), but instead talks about the religious history of Christianity. Somerville's lectures are easy to follow, and he writes the key terms on the board, so you can take notes that follow his lecture. The readings are really interesting, and he compiles a course reader with primary sources. DEFINITELY TAKE THIS CLASS!!!


4 or 5 books... readings in course reader... there are discussion sections that meet 4 times over the course of the class & help your grade... they are also REALLY interesting, because everyone can talk during them, unlike in the lecture... 2 quizzes and a final... our first quiz was term identification (mini-essays) and our next one will be true-false... the grading depends strongly on the TA..... a short paper on St. John the Divine (1 page)... you can opt to write a paper instead of taking the 2nd quiz