May 07, 2003

Collins, John
[PHIL G4501] Epistemology

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Ah, Collins. It’s like being in class with Socrates. He will construct a beautiful argument over the course of days, meticulously leading you by the nose through the finer points of modal logic or what have you, and then, just as you are feeling good that you can actually claim to “know” something, He counterexamples himself and sends you back to the drawing board. But isn’t that just the way theory of knowledge is? You just know more about why you know nothing. As for Collins’s presentation of it, it could use some organization. But he more than makes up for that in charm.


Midterm, Final, Final paper. There were supposed to be a number of short writing assingments, but they fell by the wayside. Collins is a fair grader of philosophical content, though he could care less about how many references to Kant you can make in a page. Midterm and Final require actual original thought (gasp).