May 08, 2003

DaPrato, John Silver_nugget
Public Speaking

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

The previous reviewer's appraisal is WAY off. Professor Daprato's class gives students the necessary skills, both in theory and in practice, to speak exceptionally well in public. He is very knowledgeable about speech, in fact, and the students in his class who work hard to prepare speeches and to listen to his lectures will learn a great deal.
The high quality of Professor Daprato's expertise is further evidenced by the fact that his students have swept the awards in the Curtis Prize speech competition in each of the last two years. Make no mistake about it - if you try, if you pay attention, and if you listen to Professor Daprato's constructive, learned critiques of your speech performances in his class, you WILL become a much better public speaker.