May 25, 2003

Albert, David
[PHIL W3551] Philosophy of Science

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This class is somewhat interesting. Actually, I found the subject matter to be extremely intriguing, though the way Prof. Albert presents it is a little rough. There were several topics that we spent a copious amount of time on and on others we barely skimmed the surface. Prof. Albert can get a class discussion (which in my class consisted of abut 8 out of 40 people) started pretty well, however he cannot adequately lead the class in the right direction and we often got off on tangents. To Prof. Albert's credit however, the topics of philosophy of science are in many cases inextricably connected, which makes it very difficult to confine discussion to only the philosophical problem at hand. But, nonetheless, that is his job, is it not? Overall, I would say this class is worth taking, but don't expect it to be your favorite.


A considerable amount of reading each week (which honestly you do not have to do at all). The final paper (17-20 pages) is the only grade that you have, though he very timidly threatened to give a midterm. An obvious, though extremely useful, bit of advice: start early! You will be kicking yourself big time if you do not. In order to write a paper that will give you a decent grade you are going to have to do a fair amount of outside reading on your chosen subject and put some real thought into your arguments.