June 12, 2003

May, Gita Silver_nugget

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

While Professor May is indeed a nice grandmotherly type, she is just too sweet for her own good. Her in-class lectures don't encourage you to try; reading the material becomes pointless after a while, since she is the only one speaking during class. Forget trying to give your own opinions about the material or bringing in relevant texts; but mention that Rousseau wrote an opera called "Le Divin du Village" (a fact which she re-taught us every day), and she'll praise you for the rest of class. Although I will undoubtedly never forget Rousseau's opera, that he was a hypochondriac, or that he hated Voltaire, I have to agree that the easy A is just not worth it. While Professor May is very nice, you'll spend her class learning what she tells you (sometimes twice) and not learning for yourself.


Oral presentation (easy), 15-page paper, (what you make of it) and final (if you have any notes at all it will be fine)