August 30, 2003

Rouhe, Todd Silver_nugget
[ARCH 3117] Perceptions of Architecture

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

he is boring. very. the class is made up of lectures and discussion groups. the lectures are once a week in which todd would just show slides of various architectural buildings/sites/things supposedly relevant to the readings we were supposed to have read for that class. however a lot of the readings are so esoteric and stupid - how is this architecture? he sounds a little nervous and monotonous, and as a discussion group leader - he isn't very much willing to accept opinions not coinciding with his. he is a nice guy, and tries to help you out with assignments and work if you ask... but he definitely didn't spark my interest in architecture.


decent - about 2 readings every week that should be able to discuss in groups..and 3 medium-sized papers and a mandatory field trip one saturday.