September 01, 2003

Mercer, Christia Silver_nugget
[PHIL V2110] Philosophy and Feminism

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Mercer is both witty and compassionate in the classroom. Her secure knowledge of her subject matter allows her to bounce complicated ideas back and forth between of her students, while at the same time providing an excellent introduction to philosophy and feminism.
At first I was skeptical about this combination of topics. I was worried that looking at philosophy through a feminist lense would do damage to either one discipline or the other. However, Professor Mercer tackled epistemology, virtue, and science by discussing flaws in the methods used long ago and today. I realized quickly that there was plenty of important ground to cover.
The combination made so much sense that I've selected much of my thesis writing material directly from her syllabus.
Mercer is very willing to meet with students outside of class. She expects her students to have done the readings, and rewards those who have with good conversation, and valuable explanations.
If you are willing to work reaosnably hard and show intellectual respect for the course material, you will enjoy being Christia Mercer's student.


three papers and two short lecture reviews