September 15, 2003

Herman, Irving
[APPH 4100] Quantum Physics of Matter

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

There is no doubt that Herman is incredibly intelligent. Unfortunately, he possesses none of the qualities a good professor has. He is not approachable in that he expects you to understand certain things before taking his class. He will make you feel stupid, not on purpose, but rather because he thinks what you're saying IS stupid. He also thinks that Quantum is the only course his students take during a semester, and that they should devote all their time to the class. The amount of background studying required for this class is far beyond what any undergrad with more than 12 credits can handle. Finally, he lectures for himself and for the grad students. He does not concern himself with the stragglers (undergrads) in the class, and races through the material to maximize material covered rather than maximize understanding. DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE AS AN UNDERGRAD!


weekly PSETs, midterm, final