December 03, 2003

Somerville, Robert Silver_nugget

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This course is the best course I have taken in college so far. Prof. Somerville is one of the most amazing lecturers I have ever had the privilage of listening to. He comes into class, writes terms on the board, and just TALK S at you, no notes and all. He is SO articulate, just listening to him improves your vocbulary. Many a day passed when I would skip all my classes, and then walk all the way from my dorm just to go to Prof. Somerville's class. I am a Religion major because of him. Take this class! Oh yeah, and his not funny jokes make him such a cutie!


Nothing. Two ridiculously easy quizzes, you don't even have to do the reading just take good notes in lecture; a one page paper that is not graded; and a final. Easy--very!