December 19, 2003

May, Gita Silver_nugget
French Novel Before the Revolution

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

while May certainly is the nice little grandmotherly type that other reviews have described, her class did absolutely NOTHING for me. i've taken over a dozen french classes here and this, by far, was the worst. half the class didn't show up, the other half barely did the reading. forget sharing your opinions about the book--she doesn't really care. after i spent a week and a half writing our final paper, she read and graded it in FIVE MINUTES and just slapped an A on top. the class is an easy A, no doubt, but, personally, i felt the semester just wasn't worth it.


zilch--there's reading, but since she'll never ask your opinion on it, why bother? one presentation, one final, and one final paper...don't worry, you'll walk away from the class with no less than an A-