January 10, 2004

May, Gita Silver_nugget
French Novel Before the Revolution

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Prof. May is, as other reviewers have stated, the cute, grandmotherly type. She is not neccessarily the most stimulating professor-- for the first few weeks the only opportunities to participate in class were to read from the book. The class improved towards the end of the semester-- she actually asked for her students' opinions occasionally, and she definately had some interesting things to say. Overall, not the best class in the department, but not the worst, and a nice one to take if your workload is otherwise difficult.


A fairly normal amount of reading-- although it picks up towards the end of the semester. While it is true that you don't have to do it, I tried to because they were interesting books, and I found it enriched my experience overall. The final isn't something you should worry about at all. Their is one 15 page paper, which sounds intimidating, but if it is your first French paper of this length (as it was for me), it is a good one to start with, as I believe Prof. May does not give lower than an A-. I found writing the paper to be actually a rewarding experience because I enjoyed my topic, and spent some time on my research. As with everything in this course, however, it is what you make of it--except for the A-range grade, which is virtually guaranteed.