Lindemann was a fantastic, funny teacher and an exceptionally fair grader. This is definitely a great course to take for credit towards the science requirement if (like me) you're a humanities major.

Attend class, because she takes attendance with iClickers, but also because I found that the way she presents the material helped me to recall it for the exams. The exams themselves are challenging but not impossible. She tells you exactly how to study for it: read the textbook, know all the vocabulary terms she gives you, but really only focus on the details of what is talked about in class. Personally, I tried to spend about 2-4 hours reading and taking notes on each chapter, but I also often just took notes on the vocabulary when I was pressed for time, and I didn't get below an A on any exam. The papers were more harshly graded (by the TAs) but they also count for much, much less than the exams do (I got a 17/20 on two and still ended up with an A in the class). Lindemann also gives you extra credit opportunities each week. Not a "never go to class and still get an A" course, but totally manageable, and Lindemann is a great professor.


3 Papers
3 Tests (none cumulative)

On both papers and exams, the best 2 scores count for more than your worst score:

40% best exam/paper
40% middle exam/paper
20% worst exam/paper