I am amazed at how unbelievably awful of a lecturer Professor Kao is. Most of the lectures cover either obscure psych studies that are barely relevant to the material or very detailed anatomical and physiological information about psych topics that she tells us we don't need to know. She occasionally goes over some important definitions, but she basically repeats what's in the book. If she goes into anything with any level of excitement, it's usually a biological process that she tells us we don't actually need to know.

For our midterm, she's given us very little information (and unlike most science of psych classes, we only have one). We've been told that it will be 50% multiple choice and 50% short answer, but I honestly have no idea how to study because there is no practice exam, no list of topics, and little help from her in class.

I'm halfway through this course and thankfully she isn't teaching the second half, but even a semester of these lectures was too much - and by too much, I mean too little important, course-relevant information and too much random, useless information.


Reading for each class that is moderately helpful (the book is just okay), 2 papers that are pretty painless.