Thimo is an absolute sweetheart. He is very approachable and very human, which I appreciate so much when comparing him to various older, distant professors (though in the class I'm taking right now, [PHIL BC1001], the professor is likewise kind and approachable. He is the reason lecture classes should have TA's– he's very emotionally intuitive and he can spot the people struggling far better than most professors can. On the days where he gives lectures, he is alight with confidence and excitement regarding his topic. He is a joy to learn from and I will miss him next semester.


(I'm reviewing for PHIL BC1001)

Participation/Attendance: 10%
One Short Essay 15%
Midterm Exam 20%
One Long Essay 30%
Final Exam 25%

One must put in effort to get a good grade, but if you look at the amount of assignments it's really not a very large number. I'd recommend paying attention during class, attending every class (they do take attendance), and finding a way to emotionally invest in what you're learning.