April 12, 2015

Hawley, John Silver_nugget

Overall it's an interesting class. At times there's more of a focus on Indian cultural rather than the religion itself. There is a lot of assigned reading - 100-200 pages a week and you should probably do them because the lecture will not prepare you for the exams or papers. Grading really depends on the TA's, they weren't very lenient this year.

Keep in mind that a lot of students taking the class come from Hindu backgrounds and this can discourage you at times but if you do the readings you'll be fine for papers. For the Midterm you're given a list of 60 terms and you're told you'll have to talk about 5 of them on the exam for the first part. The second part will be a random essay topic. Final is similar.

If you're just trying to fulfill global core don't take this class.


2 Trips - Temple Visit, The Met
2 Papers - TA's grade pretty harsh (20%)
Weekly Discussion Section (10%)
1 Midterm -20%
1 Final - 30%