She is my favorite psychology prof! I've taken her for three classes. She is very knowledgeable and understands that her students have other responsibilities. If you can’t make a deadline because of any issue just go talk to her and she will be understanding. She always incorporates stories of her actual patients into all her classes which makes the material more interesting and gives you real world examples which is great if you’re a psychology major. Take her class! The work load is very manageable and her lectures are great. Best part is that her power points are amazing and very helpful for exams. There are very short memoirs in which she asks her students to write a short paper on. This might sound off-putting but the memoirs she chooses are fascinating. You will read through them in no time. Seriously they are amazing.


Abnormal Behavior and Psychology of Drug Use and Abuse: A couple of memoirs, midterm and final (cumulative), extremely manageable. I didn’t purchase the text book and solely relied on lectures and power points and got an A.

Clinical Neuropsychology : both midterm and final are take home! There is a paper, presentation and an assignment that are all fun.