WOW! His class is amazing and it really makes you realize that you know nothing about the true effects of drugs and the policies enforced. You will learn a lot from his class and the material will stay with you as the facts he says are extremely interesting. His classes are very interactive and interesting. He lectures from memory and from a power point presentation but does not post the lectures so you have to pay attention and write. He leaves each slide on the screen for a while and they aren't text heavy so it's very easy to listen and write at the same time. He requires a text book (that he wrote) and his autobiography. Might sound a bit pretentious but they are the best text out there on the subject without being bias. I rented both and ended up keeping them as I found them to be very interesting and helpful. Also, if you're planning on making this subject your career, knowing him will open many many doors. Plus, the videos he shows are hilarious and make strong statements. He uses Dave Chappelle and John Oliver. Take his class!!!


Two exams and 4 quizzes. The quizzes is just to make sure you go to class and they are given after a video you watch when he's absent. For instance one quiz was on a documentary on steroid use in bodybuilding and what it does to the body. They are only one or two easy questions.