Loren is THE BEST. She absolutely deserves her gold nugget. She makes the class very manageable and easy to understand, and she never assigns too much work. Her class is also fun and social, with games and French songs. If you like sing-along, then this class is for you.

Loren is also a fabulous dresser. Some people would say this is an unimportant quality in a professor, but I found it very inspiring seeing her all matching and in heels every day at 9am. It also makes you want to go to Paris, where everyone dresses fabulously - and making you want to go to Paris is really the goal of any intro French class.

Loren is also so caring, understanding and approachable. If I ever had a problem understanding something or with an administrative thing, she would be so helpful. She is also a very easy grader if she sees that you are putting in effort. I got an A for this class both semesters, even though I got less than an A on several quizzes.

Take her for Elementary French 1 and 2 if you can, because the continuity is great. But take her for either, because she is fun, interesting, an easy grader and an overall nice person who will teach you French in the best way possible!


Elementary 1: 4 quizzes, lowest dropped. Midterm, final. You have to hand in workbook chapters with every quiz. This was time consuming but you are only graded on completion and on correcting your work (so not difficult). Supposedly 3 compositions but we only did 2.
Elementary 2: similar format with 4 quizzes, lowest dropped, midterm, final, handing in your workbook before every quiz. Supposedly 3 compositions but we only did 1 (!). We also did group skits. I am not even sure if she graded these but they were what we did for the last week and a half of the semester. Also we read a play (Huis Clos) which we were never tested on at all. Strange, but very chill. And a cool play.