May 13, 2015

Marka, Szabolcs
[PHYS C1001] Physics for Poets I

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Marka is the shit. If you're not a science person (which is who the class is obviously designed for) you will probably feel pretty lost the first few lectures. After a while you start getting some of the stuff and if you're interested you can learn a lot. If you're busy you can skip class and not miss a beat.

Watching Professor Marka is the real pleasure. It's like someone gave a curious child unlimited resources and encouraged him to play with all the dangerous things in the lab. He gleefully handles liquid nitrogen and harasses his TA by being casually brilliant. He also speaks in a hilariously villainous German accent which can be a little hard to understand but makes the class that much more of a good time. Professor Marka is a world class scientist who specializes in Black Holes and other mysterious shit. Get him to explain it all to you and take this class for an fun and easy way to knock out your science requirement.

TL;DR Professor Marka is the man. Class is Easy A. Very little work.


Two homework sets during the semester, 3 midterms, 1 final