1. The professor is knowledgeable and cool.
2. She is enthusiastic about teaching and cares a lot about her students.
3. The material is interesting.

1. She refuses to post the lecture slides and is very adamant about not posting them. To make this worse, she would often change the slides too quickly. I spent the majority of my time and concentration trying to copy the notes rather than listening to what she was saying.

2. She is misleading about the difficulty of the tests. What she claimed to be a straightforward take-home midterm that would take "6 hours at most" took the vast majority of the class 2 days to finish and was highly detailed, complicated, and tedious (some people did very well, some people struggled). Furthermore, a good number of the multiple choice questions on the final exam were weirdly worded and tricky/detailed. (You must do all the readings and memorize the lecture notes.)

3. The group project was time-consuming and annoying sometimes. You know the deal: someone is always slacking off, it's almost impossible to find a time that's good for everyone, there is one person doing all the work, etc. She made us sign a group contract, but it was completely useless. Oh, and you have to make a poster, do mini-presentations for your classmates, and write a single-spaced 7-page paper with your group. The only upside to the group work was that it forced us to interact with our classmates.

It was a good class but some parts were very annoying. Be prepared to put in the work and time taking lots of notes and doing the readings.


Take-home midterm and final exam; poster, mini-presentations, and single-spaced 7-page paper with your group members.