Professor Balsam, as the previous reviewer said, has really been misrepresented. Before you continue reading, I am going to preface this by saying that I am a Neuroscience major and pre-med and did well in the class; perhaps the negativity in the other reviews stems from the fact that those students did not receive an A.

I found his class to be one of the easiest classes I have ever taken. Yes, there is some math...but seriously, it's just basic algebra, nothing a Barnard student isn't capable of. If you read the book, go to class and take notes, and study for the tests, there really is no reason why you can't get anything less than an A- on his tests; they are very straightforward. Plus, he lets you throw out three questions on the test! Can't go wrong with that.

To do well on his tests, read the book and answer his study questions to the best of your ability. Any questions you have on those can be brought to Balsam who is so wonderfully accessible to his students. He really does care and it's quite refreshing to have a professor who cares as much as he does.

Speaking of how much he cares, Professor Balsam is an incredible resource. He has the most amazing connections, especially at the Columbia Medical Center (he also his own psychology/neuro lab at the medical center for those of you who are interested in his research). For those students out there who are looking to find a lab at the medical center, Balsam is the guy to go to. Trust me, he is so nice and friendly...he will hook you up with the lab of your dreams!


Two tests and a final (not cumulative). Easy problem sets due every so often that help you practice the material and give you points. Light, very manageable!