One of the best! He's funny, competent, charming, and super approchable if you ever need help. I know he had some health issues this semester so classes were canceled pretty often (like, more than 4 times) which was fine with me, but we still managed to finish the entire course book without any stress or cramming at the end of the semester. The course was accelerated, but unlike Accelerated Elementary it was a lot less grammar, and we spent many days in between just talking about French movies or watching French news or something. Samuel is a stickler about pronunciation (especially gender agreement) and overall I think my pronunciation improved a LOT in his class. In-class worksheets are very helpful and I always felt like review was pretty thorough even though the course moved very fast. We had short homework assignments on a nearly-nightly basis, which I did pretty rarely, so I got really good at answering on the spot in class. It never seemed to be a problem, which is great! Because of the nature of Intermediate French I, the first part of the semester was just review of Elementary French II so that was a really nice time. Even though the second half of the semester was harder, Samuel is a more than capable teacher who makes class a joy. After having taken French since September and feeling really nervous for my second intensive semester, I was so impressed by my own ability to discuss more complex news stories, movies, and longer writings in French—progress I credit mostly to the lovely professors I've had. Overall, Samuel is great and I would recommend him 100%!


I don't even remember. There were some Tests? And Compositions? Quizzes are usually ungraded and he gives you the opportunity to correct your compositions (the one or two that he actually returned were pretty thoroughly annotated). We had two take home tests with notes allowed (but no outside help). All the tests were fair and not too tricky or cruel.

As I think everyone else has mentioned previously, he will never ever return your grades, ever. Just do your best, I guess (Samuel is also very kind and it is very possible to get an A).