Anne Holt is great. If you get assigned to her section for Lit Hum, you're going to love the class (which I can't say is the case in most other sections). She takes the time to talk to everyone about their essays/assignments, knows a lot about the texts we read in class, has a sense of humor (seems insignificant, but is surprisingly important in a class like this), and understands that life sometimes inhibits things like completing assignments right on time (to a point, of course). She'll do a great job preparing you for the final, and is a very fair grader overall.


The workload isn't really bad, there are the standard LitHum essays + online book discussion posts (remember to do these, and try to read through some of the ones other people post). The posts are what you will all discuss in class the next day, so as long as you at least half-try you'll have something to say in discussion.
Participation in class is important! If you're a naturally shy person and really don't like talking in front of people, make sure your discussion posts are great (but still try to talk in class every now and again).