I agree with the previous statement below that she is kind of a dick. She would tell me that the test are going to get easier as we go on, but it never did. Her test are tricky and if you are not familiar with science terminology you will not be fine. Overall, she is a ok lecturer but not a teacher. The TAs were also horrible they don't even know this stuff. She is from a farm town background which explains this dick attitude, she does not care about students' grade, she told us that the grade will be rounded up at the end of the semester if you are close to the next letter grade, but she never did round up my grade as it was 1 percent away from the next letter grade. This class is a nightmare especially for an Intro class. DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE if you just want to get the science core curriculum done!


1 paper, 4 test, 1 final ( she drops the lowest test score)