BORING yet also easy. His lectures are horrible. He is unorganized and confused half the time himself. However, he is a very cute old man that shows a lot of videos and there is a ginormous curve. The only thing you really have to do to study for the class is fill out his study questions and know them backwards and forwards. Also for the essay part of the test write a ton. He’ll say write as much as you need but ignore that advice and vomit everything you know onto the blue book and you’ll do better than if you actually make a structured argument. The multiple choice questions can sometimes be worded strangely but he tries to account for this by letting you throw out 2-3 questions per test depending on how many questions there are. Also, there is the occasional homework assignment that if you put even the slightest amount of effort into you’ll get a “great!” written as feedback.


occasional homework assignments, 3 equally weighted tests