Everything the person below said is pretty much completely on point. Janet is amazing. She teaches very clearly and focuses on the parts of the texts that are important and interesting. She lesson plans very well and almost always makes sure that we arrive at a *light-bulb moment* conclusion without making you feel too over guided. On top of that she is sweet. smart and funny. Our class had a great dynamic and she often felt more like a friend than a professor. If its any indication the whole class stayed for the second semester.

While the class is not strictly easy, it is also not overly hard. The workload/prof demand is enough to make you learn and appreciate Lit Hum without hating it.


3 papers first semester, 2 the second - First one is still 2-3 pages and lightly weighted.They ramp up quickly but if you go to her office hours she is very helpful in restructuring and coming up with ideas. The only important thing is to go with an idea/ SPECIFIC passages already in mind. She won't look over drafts though but there's always the writing centre.

-Wiki post - You have to do a wikipost before each class on the reading, basically a couple sentences on an online forum (no word count, get to miss two)

-Invocation and study guide - You sign up for a class and for that class you have to present and invocation (can be very short, most do just show youtube clips). You also have to take notes and make a study guide for that class. It's kind of tedious but the whole class is very grateful come final/midterm season and that way you don't need to make/beg/steal all the study guides yourself.

-Readings - Janet normally drops a (shorter) text