Cognitive Psychology with Professor New was fine - honestly, typical for a 1000 level Barnard psychology course. Although I attended all but two classes during the semester, most of my studying came from the textbook. Since he's pretty incoherent as a lecturer, the only way to understand how the material fits together is to read the textbook (you don't need to memorize the chapters though!). If you have questions, it's best to ask in office hours because he gets a bit snippy during class when people raise their hand. Although the exams are poorly worded and require a decent amount of studying, it is completely possible to do well.

On a more positive note, Professor New provides a "fair game" sheet about a week in advance of each exam, which includes all of the relevant terms. Again, you should read the sections in the textbook to get a full picture of the concept, but the "fair game" sheets are definitely sufficient (in other words, you don't need to memorize everything in the book or on the powerpoints).

tl;dr Cognitive isn't a particularly good class and Professor New is honestly pretty annoying as a person), but a fine way to fulfill the Group A requirement.


3 multiple choice midterm exams and a cumulative two-hour final exam.