A very interesting topic and manageable class; however, the emphasis on poor policy and lack of understanding of drugs amid even scientists themselves seemed to simply contribute to the hysteria he so ardently opposes. Takeaway from the class: nothing the media prints, no studies previously done on drugs are reliable and factual except his (even though in some cases only a handful of participants are studied). Every drug has predictable effects and so our basic understanding of drugs as a society is flawed. Just complete hysteria and exaggeration serves as the underlying current for the course and this to me went against the critical thinking he advocated so much for. With this said, lectures are engaging and the topic is interesting. He is also inspiring, as the light he shines on flawed policy and marginalization of minorities is extremely important and interesting. However, get ready to read his memoir and textbook written by his very own self and to regurgitate what is sad in lecture on the exams. For a professor who pretends he cares so much, he is unresponsive by email, which was disappointing. His celebrity status is important to him, in case you're curious.


2 exams
1 final
lot of reading
pop quizzes (2 lowest dropped)
opportunities for extra credit