This is the third semester I've taken french with Prof. Kilgo-Kelly. He is an effective teacher: I usually find his grammatical explanations clear and helpful. However, he isn't particularly timely in returning work, which can be particularly frustrating for compositions which you are asked to revise often with a class or two as turn around time. Additionally, every semester I have taken his class he has fallen behind. Instead of eliminating a test or presentation when we are out of time, he crams them in at the end of the semester. For this class, over the course of our last 3 classes we had a test, a presentation (worth a significant portion of our grades) and our final draft of a composition due. We also have a final in the class. Prof.


3 exams during the semester, 3 compositions (2 drafts of each), a presentation and final exam, as well as homework for each class that usually included reading a chapter or two in French, book work and sometimes other grammar exercises.