This class was honestly the most interesting class that you could ever take. The content was so much fun and every lecture and seminar flew by. Professor Rashid is the BEST professor that I have ever had. He is genuinely the nicest man you will ever meet. He is definitely a feminist and is so personable. He plays music before class everyday (long live his rap tunes), and makes the funniest jokes during lecture. He's absolutely hysterical. Being in class felt like you were with a friend. I genuinely never wanted this class to end. He is the best lecturer Columbia has to offer. If possible, TAKE ANY CLASS WITH HIM. You will not regret it. Plus, it's insanley easy to get an A+ in this class. The assignments are super easy. It's a short paper of 250 works a week and you can write about whatever you want - just make sure you put in a lot of quotes from whatever you were assigned to read. Engaging with the text is something he likes to see, but do not summarize your readings. I was able to get a 3/3 or 4/3 on every paper and a 30/30 on the midterm paper. It's not hard. Plus, he offers a total of 10 points worth of extra credit during the semester. And as if that isn't easy enough, he takes your 10 highest weekly papers and drops the rest. By the time week 10 rolled around I already had a 3/3 or 4/3 on everything and I did not need to do anymore of the weekly papers, which was super nice because I was then able to focus on my other classes. This class is structured to make sure you get an A+. TL;DR - Best professor you'll ever have, amazing class, super interesting, really funny, easy A+. Take it!


Weekly reading assignments 2-3 articles (super enjoyable!), weekly SHORT papers (250 words), one midterm (paper - 4 pages), one final (paper - 6 pages).