Like all previous reviewers have said, Carman's an excellent lecturer who makes his points very clear and takes time to clarify and explain difficult concepts. He also has a great sense of humor and endless knowledge of both philosophy and subjects that might not seem to be closely related to philosophy at first glance, like neuroscience and classical music. His classes are a joy to be in, and you manage to get a lot out of them, though I can see that people with a bit of knowledge in philosophy already might find the style of his lectures a bit boring, as he tends to reiterate points quite a bit to make sure we really understand the concepts. Carman also takes time to answer more or less any question students might have, sometimes to good effect and clarifying valid confusions, and sometimes to just entertain the inquirer while trying to steer the subject back to the lecture at hand. This makes his lectures seem a little disorganized at times, though I think he always gets time to say everything he wants to say.

As previous reviewers have also said, Carman isn't an easy grader. It's not impossible to get an A or A- in his class (I got an A- on both the papers I turned in), but he really makes you work for it, and if my peek at his gradebook was accurate, he's given out a few Cs and C-s to particularly bad papers, with the majority of grades being Bs. However, Carman more than makes up for his difficult grading with extensive and fair feedback on your writing. I never felt that I deserved better than I got in his class, though some might find Carman to have overly high standards.


Fairly light- 2 papers, each around 5-7 pages, and a final. Readings were very short and for the most part easily digestible.